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Image by Chris Liverani

Volunteer Opportunities

Job Description

Every Riding Session:

* Assist with properly grooming horses before they are saddled

* Assist in saddling and making sure cinches are tightened

* Set up equipment in the area tailored to each rider's needs

* Assist the instructor with mounting

* Side-walk next to the horse, holding the gait belt of the rider

* Interact with the rider

* Assist with games and activities as needed

When Not Side-Walking:

* Participate as needed in activities

* Clean the "road apples" as needed

* Help assist the instructors as needed

* Clean and organize equipment in the tack trailer

* Sweep cement area as needed

* Clean bathroom areas as needed

Requirements for Volunteering:

* Age 14 and older

* Ability to coordinate well with team members

* Be dependable and trustworthy

* Have the proper footwear (please no open-toe shoes)

* Attend a volunteer orientation

Staff & Volunteer
Registration Form

If you are interested in volunteering with us-

please PRINT, READ, the FILL OUT the required forms.

If you are unable to do this, we can provide them for you to complete at the arena!

We look forward to our time together!

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