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Image by Jacques Bopp

Benefits of Equine Therapy

Building Trust

The connection formed between rider and horse is the foundation for equine-assisted therapy. Mutual trust is built during sessions via grooming, riding,  and understanding equine behavior.  As trust is built, empathy follows.

Impulse Control

Horses respond to very subtle cues which requires riders to develop a sense of self control. This begins when they are young and builds as they grow. Riders develop patience,  restraint, and a thoughtful approach to actions. As they go through the session, serotonin is released, which is a mood enhancing hormone. These feelings and actions are transferred to their daily lives.

Emotional Awareness

Horses are very sensitive to human emotions. A rider can become more aware of the array of emotions they express as they watch how their horse reacts. Horses are non-judgemental and very intuitive. This helps riders realize mindfulness and connect on a deeper level, which helps them to gain a deeper understanding of self.

Balance and ROM

Riding a horse builds muscle tone in the abs, back (upper and lower), pelvis and the thighs. This improves posture, core strength, and attention. We incorporate stretches to warm up muscles and focus on controlled movement. As the rider moves along with the horse's motion, a form of synchrony forms- "the rider becomes the horse, they align as one."

Social Skills

Communication is both verbal and nonverbal. Being aware of how our voices and motions pertain to them helps build regulation. The rider learns that communication is crucial and those skills are practiced as needed. Eye contact and listening skills are also built during sessions.


Accomplishing tasks like grooming/horse care, having a great riding session, and leading the horse pave a highway to self-worth and confidence. Equine therapy is empowering. It helps people overcome challenges and develop a positive self-image.

Horse Whisperer

Rider Registration Forms
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Riders will be scheduled on Monday, Wednesday OR Thursday with a weather permitting March 4, 2024 start date. If you would like a certain day, please return your registration for "first come, first served" appointments.

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